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Successful Government Website Checklist

Successful government websites accomplish many things. The following guidelines will help you evaluate whether your government website lives up to your citizens' expectations.
  • Identified as your official website
  • Contains current information
  • Organized for your intended citizen audience
  • Content is accessible to all users regardless of disabilities
  • Uses plain, non-technical language
  • Provides links to helper applications for all files you provide (i.e. links to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDFs, Word Viewer for Microsoft docs, etc.)
  • Maintains consistent navigation
  • Maintains a consistent, cohesive graphical theme
  • Uses responsive design technology
  • Provides a search box on every page
  • Provides link back to the homepage
  • Provides feedback opportunities for citizens
  • Provides easy access to public documents
  • Enables online filing of applications, forms, etc.
  • Maintains an up-to-date calendar
  • Provides extended communication opportunities via email alerts, etc.
  • Has developed and follows website standards
For more information about creating your successful government website, please contact us today.

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