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Rebranding? Implementation is Key

After months of research and brainstorming, focus groups and stakeholder meetings, you finally have your new identity. Logo? Check. Tagline? Check. Color palette? Check. Now what?
Rolling out your new brand is no small feat. New signs, business cards, letterhead.…The list goes on and on. But what about your online identity? The most effective way to introduce your new brand to the world is to update your online presence.

Municipal One has more than two decades of experience turning brand strategies into action online. From cohesive designs that add consistency to your branding campaign to strategies that engage and connect with your audience, we have the tools and the vision to help you build a compelling online experience that connects with your residents, visitors, and business owners to grow and unite your community.

See how the City of Stockbridge, Georgia leveraged its new brand strategy to make its website one of the first places “Where Community Connects.”

Visit the Stockbridge website

Ready to launch your new brand with the e-government platform that grows with your community's changing needs? Contact Municipal One today.

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