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Horsham Township Sets New Tone

With a new logo in hand and a new municipal building to boot, Horsham Township enlisted Municipal One to transform its online presence to match the growing energy and excitement in the community.

Horsham Township has relied on Municipal One for cutting edge e-government solutions for nearly seven years. As the community's visioning and revitalization efforts took hold in the real world, the administration called on the experts at Municipal One to reflect those efforts online.

From the new, user-friendly design to the fully integrated e-government suite of web-based tools, the township's website not only provides the online services and features that residents rely on for daily interaction with the government but also save staff valuable time and energy.

Horsham residents have instant access to council agendas and minutes, township newsletters, and the latest happenings - all posted in real-time on the website. Interested residents are automatically notified of each day's updates with customized emails tailored to their specific interests.

When questions or problems arise, residents can quickly connect with the appropriate department or staff member through the website's Report a Concern module. There's no need for residents to track down contact information - the web-based reporting system automatically routes each issue to the designated department or staff member. This 24/7 online help desk streamlines communication and improves customer satisfaction while giving township staff the tools they need to meet the community's expectations.

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