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Agenda Center Basics

Meeting management is key when it comes to keeping your citizens informed and engaged. With the right online agenda center, you can work smarter, not harder, to be sure your residents and elected officials are on the same page.

All Municipal One websites come equipped with an intuitive agenda center that organizes meeting agendas, packets, and minutes along with audio, video, and supporting documents for any number of boards and committees.

  • Previous years are archived in folders by year for easy access
  • Each meeting date has its own detailed view providing easy access to all documents, files, and embedded videos
  • Whether you live stream or upload videos after the fact, meeting videos are embedded in your page and play directly on your MunicipalCMS website
  • Simply publishing an agenda or packet sets into motion a process that updates the agenda center, adds the document to the calendar, updates your social media sites with a link to the agenda, and notifies interested residents via email.
  • With generous data storage and daily backups, your online agenda center provides transparency and accountability while simultaneously reducing the need for public records requests
If you're still printing meeting agendas and mailing or manually emailing them to residents, now is the time for change. Put Municipal One to work for you and get it done!

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