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311 Request Tracking and Workflow Management

Simplify the reporting process. Manage workflows. Resolve the issues.


Municipal 311 is the request tracking and workflow management solution that provides you with the tools to track requests, manage communication, and improve customer satisfaction with transparency and accountability. By streamlining the reporting process and automating the workflow, you can increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and provide timely responses and results no matter how large or small the issue.


Streamline 311 Requests

Simplify Reporting

Empower residents to report problems and request services with ease 24/7.

  • One easy-to-use form processes any request.

  • There's no need for residents to decide whether it's a public works issue, something for the parks department, or another department entirely.

  • Simply file the request via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and Municipal 311 routes it to the proper staff member.


Improve Communication

Instantly update residents on the status of each request.

  • A single click acknowledges the initial submission.

  • Status updates can post internally or be sent directly to the resident.

  • Automatically send completion notices when issues are resolved.

  • Request feedback to help identify strengths and weaknesses of your service programs.


Manage and Track Results

Set workflows, reminders, and deadlines for each type of request.

  • Automatically send reminders and escalate requests when deadlines aren't met.

  • Track your progress with customizable reports that measure the number and nature of requests received, time to acknowledge, time to close, and more.

  • Quickly locate workflow bottlenecks so you can address under-staffed service areas and improve performance.


Providing accountability and transparency has never been easier. With Municipal 311, you can streamline your reporting process, automate your workflows, and measure your progress with clear, concise reports.

Improve your efficiency, reduce expenses, and provide accountability. Get started with Municipal 311 today.